Side-Events of Soliway

Side-Events of Soliway


The Cité de la Solidarité Internationale (CSI) is launching a call to all the actors of the Grand Genève area who would like to associate their autumn events with the programming of its "SOLIWAY" International Solidarity Trade Fair 2021.



Call for expressions of interest


In 2021, the CSI wishes to integrate external events into the program of its fair in a participatory approach. The objective of the call for expressions of interest launched by the CSI is to make SOLIWAY an opportunity for the cross-border territory of Grand Genève and to make November 2021 the highlight of international solidarity on a France &Swizterland scale!


The CSI is therefore proposing to interested actors and organizations to join their events to the SOLIWAY program in order to boost the visibility of all events related to international solidarity that will take place in the cross-border territory this fall.



Who can make a proposal?

This call for Side-Event proposals is open to all French, Swiss and international organizations from all the territories of the Grand Genève area: Ain, Jura, Haute-Savoie, Canton of Geneva and the District of Nyon.


NGOs, Universities, International Organizations, Local Authorities, Foundations and Companies from the Grand Genève area are invited to join the SOLIWAY program with their fall events.



Which type ? Where and when?


The events can be varied, the imperative is that they are related to Citizenship Education and International Solidarity, local/international citizen engagement, humanitarian aid or international cooperation.


The proposed events can take place before, during and after SOLIWAY. On the entire cross-border territory of the Grand Genève.


How do I do it?

To propose an event: